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Great Information About Variable Data Printing

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Variable Data Printing Database Relevance

Getting More Out of Your Database
Creating Relevance

How sophisticated does your database need to be in order to be successful with Variable Data Printing (Personalized Print Marketing)? A lot less than many people realize.  When many marketers think of Variable Data Printing and 1:1 personalization, they think of a relatively new marketing technology. In reality, the marketing and commercial printing worlds have been using this approach for more than a decade. One of the surprises has been that, it’s not how much data you have, but how you use it. Even marketers with relatively simple databases can create highly effective campaigns with great ROI if they know how to use them.

It’s all about relevance. For example, when one marketer wanted to increase traffic to its retail store, he was concerned about having only names and addresses from a purchased mailing list. The challenge was how to create relevance without recipient demographics, such as likes or dislikes, ages or income levels. How do you create true relevance out of “Dear Bob?” Get Creative!

Use the recipients’ addresses to create maps to the store, along with distances from the recipients’ homes to the retail location. Other marketers using this approach have added estimated driving times. You might not get the same punch as if you had more detailed demographic data, but the impact will be significantly greater than if you’d sent a generic mailer.

Purchase Lists or Append Data. There are a couple of ways to access great data fast.  You can take your current customer list and append specific data such as income level, gender, home owner…there is a ton of information out there you can gather.  Or you can purchase or rent a list of new prospects.  One great way to find qualified leads is to have a list company take your top customers and do a search for similar companies/individuals.  Both of these options give you a great start to try some different marketing campaigns utilizing variable data printing.  PrintingCenterUSA can help you with your lists if you would like some help!

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