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Marketing Humor

The Funny Side of Marketing
No kidding, humor is serious business. Funny marketing attracts customers by creating a positive association with your brand. When used correctly, humor is an important tool for getting your message heard. Don’t knock-knock it until you’ve tried it.

Have you heard the one about humor in print marketing? It’s more effective than you might think. Humor is one of the best ways to differentiate your product or service, making your message memorable and increasing your visibility.

We recently sent out a holiday mailer featuring a snowman and his family.  Next to his head we had him saying, “Do you smell carrots?”  Many of us in the office thought it was kind of cute, one person stated it was inappropriate and should be left off.  Being the head of marketing I left it on. It made me smile and I hoped it would do the same for others.  Perhaps giving them a little smile during their day. Any thoughts?  Do you think it is unprofessional to include humor?  And if so, how do we decide what humor is appropriate since everyone’s opinion is so very different?  Who is the humor police and how can I track them down to get this issue solved!

I’m all for appropriate humor in marketing. Tell us some of your humorous marketing stories and any reactions you received!