Social Media Quick Tips: Listen to your followers when creating content for your company’s social media.

I know you’ve heard this a dozen times; listen to your followers to create your content for your Social Media. What does it really mean?  I’m going to share a couple of quick pointers that will help your company start creating an engaging social experience; by listening.

Post Content that might not be related to your industry. 

We’re an online printing company and yes we post content about printing but we also try to have fun and create content that our followers will share, comment and like. The key is share content that gets the audience excited to visit your page more often and engage with you. So, when you do post discounts, special offers or link to your website they’ll actually receive it and be more likely to click.  Try asking questions that aren’t related to your industry, share pictures, or post motivational quotes.

Next, observe the results and track them; how many likes you get from a picture, what type of questions are getting results, and what posts are getting your audience to comment.  Paying attention to the small details can dramatically change your social community.


When is the right time to post? Your followers will dictate when it is the best time to post, that is why it’s important to listen once again. Try different times of the day to see when your audience is accessing their Social Media. Post in the morning, midmorning, afternoon, and evening to analyze what times are getting the best response. Remember each day of the week and weekends will vary when your audience is using social media.


Don’t be afraid to ask your follower. Try posting; Leave us a comment, please share post,  Like this post if you agree or ask the question; what do you think of the content that we’re posting? Remember every fan is different but if you listen and analyze… you’d be amazed at the engaging social media community you’ve created. And over time they’ll return the favor and buy your product.

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