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Things going well

Things are going well, we are getting some great response and having a fun time, the day is really going by fast!  Just a few little tweeks here and there but I’m very surprised how well we are off and running.

Uh oh, someone put the wrong templates for 4 products…don’t worry our designer is fixing it, I’m betting she’ll have it done in 10 minutes!  Start your timers.

Hey- are you finding anything that needs to be fixed?  Leave a comment, give us a call or send us an email we need to hear your feedback!  You can even time us to see how long it takes us to make the changes!

Discover…is working

New Website Update – IT’s FIXED!!!!

It may pay to discover, but you can’t use discover to pay with us right now.  Yes we do take Discover Cards, no it is not working on our site currently.  My suggestion…if you would like to use your discover card to purchase just give us a call at 800.995.1555 we answer the phone within 3 rings and we’ll get you taken care of in a couple of minutes by taking your payment over the phone.  Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on getting it fixed!

The Website is live

We are up and running, the new website is up its taking a little bit to get our links updated. We were only one-hour late but considering we waited a year to do this one-hour is nothing. So we are waiting with our fingers crossed to see if it all works properly!

I just heard we had our first account created and order placed!  Maybe I won’t have much to talk about on this blog- hopefully! (I’m knocking on wood!)

Come and visit the site and let us know what you think. Complete this short survey for a special discount off one order.

January Catalog Discount

Discounted Catalogs – Temporary Price Reduction, Plus a January discount of 10% off with Promo Code JA10! Hurry it ends January 31, 2010.  Order Now!

Research shows that catalog consumers spend more per purchase.  There is something about catalogs that consumers love to sit back and flip through the pages.  A majority of online shoppers are actually driven to your website via printed catalogs.

What better way to get your business revved up for the new year then to send a catalog to customers and prospects to boost your sales. Our goal is to help build your business this year- making us all profitable!

Big Savings – Greeting Cards & Calendars

I can’t believe it is already the middle of November. There is so much we want to accomplish by the end of 2009, it seems like everything starts to pile up!   We can help with two items on your to do list: ordering calendars and greeting cards!  PrintingCenterUSA is fast and easy just go online for pricing, ordering and file uploading.  And for the rest of November take 10% off your order with promo code Nov9*

Did you know that with digital variable data printing it’s easy and affordable to create personalized greeting cards!  Include a name and a personalized message to say THANKS to your best customers this year! Call to get started 800-995-1555.

It’s ending soon, but get your orders in by then end of November and you can get 10% off Calendars and Greeting Cards. Use Promo code NOV9 when placing your order. (*Discount is one per customer, cannot exceed $250.00 and cannot be combined with any other offers.)

Get instant online pricing and ordering for Calendars or Greeting Cards now, only need a few order short run printing.

Need some design ideas for your 2010 calendar? Take a peek at some of our calendar samples to get you inspired.

Use Print for school fundraising

School and Sports Fundraising Using Print
Using print for school fundraising is an effective and fun way to bring in extra money school wide or for your specific sport or program.  Selling advertising for posters, calendars, and programs is a great way to pay for your printing expenses and selling  your printed calendars, flyers, or posters is a great way to raise even more money.  Here are a couple of ideas for using print in your next school fundriasing activity.
Take your fundraising efforts school wide

Design a 28-page calendar that highlights different activities, sports and departments within your school.
Sell Advertising to local business’s, with your main selling point: every parent is guaranteed to be purchasing one! Have students sell the calendars to parents, relatives, fans… at sporting events, or anywhere around town.
12-page sports calendar

Use our short run printing to create a 12 page saddle-stitched,spiral, or perfect bound calendar with one featured advertiser and player for each month.  With the smaller quantity and the option of printing as you need them, you can buy as many as you sell without breaking your budget or wasting money.

For more fundraising tips using print visit:

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